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I'm a freelance Video Producer with years of experience in non-fiction storytelling. I've always been drawn to character-driven stories, which led me to documentary filmmaking. Through this medium, I've told stories about identity, education, business, environment, and human rights. 

I enjoy developing and bringing stories to life through production or by being behind the camera. My journalism and development communications background informs my storytelling and pushes me to keep the human experience at the center of my work. 

Some of my recent experiences include working as a producer for The Hustle YouTube Channel, producer and cinematographer for the in-production feature documentary, Robbed: A Mother's Peril, videographer and tech support for ABC News, video production fellow for Business Insider, assistant cameraperson for TED Women, and producer and cinematographer for the Ohio Justice and Policy Center.

I studied documentary filmmaking and earned a Master's degree in Journalism from the UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism, and also hold a Graduate Diploma in Communication for Development from the Xavier Institute of Communications, Mumbai. I'm a proud member of The Video Consortium and Brown Girls Doc Mafia.

I recently moved to India after studying and working in the US for five years. This experience allowed me to explore the differences and similarities between life in the East and the West. I'm excited to continue collaborating with filmmakers and creators globally and bring more incredible stories to life!


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