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Producer, Camera, Editor

The List is a story about a citizen’s registry in India’s northeastern state, Assam, that has pushed nearly two million people closer to statelessness. The film looks at what it takes to prove one’s identity as an Indian citizen to continue living in the only place they know as home.

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Reporter, Producer, Camera, Photographer

The Chautauquan Daily

Artist Eliza Evans creates an experiential art piece, and uses her body as a sensing instrument to feel the impact of climate change.


Field Producer, Assistant Director, Script Assistance

Cinema Vision India

With nearly two million views on YouTube, this five part web ad series captures how integral Amul products are in India.


Produced, Directed, Filmed and Edited by Julie Chang and Vishakha Gupta

UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism

We visited the Yuba-Sutter Fairgrounds to speak to people who had to leave their homes overnight, because of Campfire that engulfed the town of Paradise, California in November, 2018.


DP, Director, Producer, Editor
Poster Design by Yue Li (Mia)

UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism

Indigenous languages are a treasure trove of ancient knowledge, but in the past century, we have lost many of them to colonization and modernization. This story is about the revival of the Hawaiian language and what importance it holds in the lives of people who cherish their mother tongue. We meet people from the Kauai island and learn from them the journey of the Hawaiian language.


Field Producer, Assistant Director

Cinema Vision India

A 26-minute documentary, commissioned by India's Ministry of External Affairs, encapsulating success stories from different parts of the country.

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Produced, Directed, Filmed and Edited by Nisha Balaram and Vishakha Gupta

UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism

Ethnic Studies in some San Fransisco schools has become a go to subject for students of color as it offers lessons that go beyond the prescribed school curriculum. In this story, we learn how the subject area emerged and what it means to high school students now.

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